Fun and Safe Doggie Daycare

When you’re at work or running errands, do you worry about your dog being lonely or bored at home? Have you ever returned to find chewed shoes, couch stuffing everywhere, or holes in the yard? Doggie daycare is a special place built for dogs to get lots of exercise, spend their energy, and have tons of fun in a safe and supervised environment. Find out why pet parents choose Suite Life Pet Resort for their dog’s day out!

Free Day of Play and Evaluation for New Daycare Clients

Come try us for free! Your new friends are waiting for you!

Disclaimer: Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers. Free Day of Play is available for pet’s first visit only. Please plan for your pet to stay with us for at least 4 hours on his/her Meet & Greet Evaluation Day.

A Special Place for Dogs

Suite Life Pet Resort offers a safe and healthy play environment for dogs to have fun and, well, be dogs!

  • Spacious outdoor play yards with 6-foot fencing
  • Climate-controlled indoor play areas and a triple-gate system from anywhere inside the facility
  • Splash pools keep pets cool on hot days!
  • Fun playground equipment and safe toys
  • Interactive playgroups with 100% supervision by staff highly trained in pet behavior and group play
  • Smaller group size for better comfort and safety
  • Careful playgroup selection based on size, play style, and age
  • We also have fun doggie events, including birthday celebrations, themed days, pool parties, and seasonal festivities! Call us to find out when our next daycare party is!

The perfect dog’s day out starts at only $17.95 per day!

Benefits of Doggie Daycare

Doggie daycare isn’t just fun and games, it’s also a highly beneficial environment for your pup.

  • Exercise is key to a healthy and long canine life. Most dogs need more exercise than their parents have time! Instead of being cooped up while their mom or dad’s at work, they could be running around and playing at Suite Life Pet Resort. Drop your dog off at daycare, and you can rest assured he’s getting plenty of exercise and spending all his pent-up energy in a safe, healthy way.
  • Mental stimulation is just as important as exercise. Like humans, dogs can get bored when they have nothing to do. This is often why dogs develop difficult behaviors like destroying your belongings, howling all day, or leaving messes in the house. Daycare provides a healthy outlet for their focus and energy, ensuring your pup comes home tuckered out and mentally satisfied.
  • Dogs often love spending time with other dogs—it’s in their nature! However, dogs need to learn good social skills and manners, and the best way to do this is by spending time with other dogs in a safe, controlled place. At doggie daycare, your dog gets to make new doggie (and human) friends, build confidence, and satisfy their pack animal instincts.
  • It’s safer than other options. Doggie daycare takes place in our secure facility, always supervised by highly trained members of staff. You never have to worry about your dog playing with unvaccinated pets or meeting unfriendly dogs. We ensure every daycare guest is healthy, friendly, and ready to play. Plus, when you visit doggie daycare you don’t have to let strangers into your home.

Doggie Daycare FAQ

Where will my dog be playing?
At Suite Life Pet Resort, we have both indoor and outdoor areas for our guests to play. Our outdoor yards are on a quarter-acre of grassy space, with perimeter fencing and triple gated entrances. For rainy days, we also have a climate-controlled indoor playroom. Both play areas are filled with fun playground equipment and safe toys to keep all our guests entertained and intrigued!
What kinds of dogs will my dog be playing with?
We’ll match up your dog with other pups of similar size, energy level, and personality. Each new daycare visitor undergoes an evaluation process so we can get the feel for their personality and preferences. This helps us choose the best group and playmates for your dog.
How will my dog stay cool in the summer?
When playing outside in warm weather, dogs love to stay cool in our splash pools! We also have air-conditioned indoor play areas for especially hot days. Between playtimes your dog will have a comfortable, cool place to rest and relax before returning to play.
Are the dogs ever left alone?
Never! At Suite Life Pet Resort, every daycare group is attended by a staff member at all times. Staff members are meticulously trained in canine behavior and off-leash play practices, including ongoing education. Playgroups are kept as small as possible to maximize safety and supervision.
What about rest periods?
Daycare dogs rest multiple times per day inside our climate-controlled facility. Each dog enjoys a private, comfortable suite complete with cozy bedding and cool water. Regular rest periods ensure our guests stay hydrated, rested, and healthy.
What are your vaccination requirements?
In order to protect all the pets in our care, we require the vaccinations for rabies, distemper/parvo, and Bordetella. Titer tests are also accepted. While in our care, your dog will only play with and be around other vaccinated pets.


Come try us for free! Your new friends are waiting for you!


Disclaimer: Discount subject to availability and cannot be combined with other offers. Lodging discount applies to first-time customers only and is valid for any lodging accommodation selected. Please call for details.